About Me

My name is Patrick Crowley, and I am a DP/Camera Operator.  I am very experienced DP/Camera Operator and Steadicam/Jib Operator.  I have shot one feature, and several short films.  I shoot on the Canon 60D, but have shot on the 5D/7D as well.  I do own my own lights which I can bring.

I have worked on short films, feature films, television shows,commercials and web videos.  I am a New York Film Academy 2004 graduate.  I have an easy going attitude and a hard work ethic.

  • Canon 60D DSLR
  • (2) Hvx200 HD Camera
  • Dvx100a SD Camera
  • Lights (3) 350w interview kit
  • Light (2) 500 LED lights
  • Light (3) Fluorescent soft boxes
  • Steadicam with vest and arm. Holds up to 11lbs.
  • Wireless lavs and receivers
  • Boom mic and boom pole
  • 5x8 popup green screen
  • 18ft  Jib w/ Remote Head and wheels

Patrick Crowley
Director of Photography

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